Many establishments use an ice maker. It is a reliable, powerful and economical ice making unit. A broken ice maker is a problem with refrigeration equipment.

Its restoration is carried out by cleaning the filter, drainage system, condenser and other elements. Our company provides maintenance and ice maker repair Charlotte at affordable prices. We guarantee the best appliance fix.

Ice maker maintenance

Prolonged operation of the appliance leads to disruptions in its operation, and ice is not produced.

You need to diagnose your appliance to fix the failure. Turnkey maintenance of ice generators guarantees business owners high-quality operation of the equipment.

Service is the optimal solution that saves the time and money of the owner of the appliance. Professionals with extensive experience in ice maker restoration quickly resolve problems. Our company provides services for the maintenance of ice maker and other refrigeration units of different brands.

Maintenance is carried out by appointment on the website or urgently. Maintenance of ice makers includes the following range of works:

  1. Cleaning the appliance from dirt.
  2. Diagnostics of automatics and its restoration in case of defects detection.
  3. Perform calibration of the temperature evaporator and sensor.
  4. Diagnostics of the functioning of air filters. If they do not work, then the whole system breaks down.
  5. Evaluation of the cooling module, checking Freon levels and recharging. Timely diagnosis makes it possible to find leaks
  6. Install special filters and water softener when installing the unit.

In the process of work, ice maker repair service specialists use special equipment and original spare parts.

Uninterrupted operation of the device will occur with timely cleaning of the unit from dust particles, dirt, steam that occurs during the manufacture of pieces of ice. During the maintenance of the equipment, a special detergent is used. It quickly washes away dirt of all types.

Ice maker machine repair near me

Repair ice maker in refrigerator will be needed due to malfunction of control units, air conditioning motor, thermostat and other parts. Solenoid valves fail due to limescale buildup that interferes with the entire ice maker system. Water gets into the evaporator, ice forms on the walls. In order to avoid serious damage, these violations must be corrected immediately.

If a breakdown of your equipment is detected, we recommend that you call a technician at home.

  1. Ice maker doesn’t work
  2. The ice cubes are irregularly shaped.
  3. Water accumulates in the ice tray.
  4. There’s no defrost.
  5. Dark colored ice
  6. Ice maker leakage

Our company’s technicians in Carolina do ice maker’s repair near me in a short period of time.

The cost of service repair and spare parts, the time of arrival of technicians, warranty obligations for parts and restoration are negotiated with technicians.

You can contact us by phone or leave a request on our web-site.